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Yazdani Corporation is proud to exhibit finest collection of Persian carpets. These carpets have been meticulously hand picked to be of highest quality, representing various designs and colours.You are cordially invited to visit our gallery, which is conveniently located in central Tokyo.We are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality and prices of our carpets.


Everyone thinks of Iran when it comes to Persian Rugs. Carpets were born a long time ago among Nomads living across Central Asia to the Western region of the world. They used carpets for their floorings, walls and also as their tents.

The Pazyryk carpet, which is said to be the oldest carpet in the world, was woven between 500 to 400 BC. It was discovered in the Altai Mountains of Siberia and currently on display in the Hermitage Museum at St. Petersburg Russia.

From the time of the Safavid dynasty of the Persian empire in 1499, the design of graceful and sophisticated patterns began to be used favorably in the court, and it has been prized as a luxury item until now.

In the 18th century, carpets were introduced to Japanese from a Portuguese trader that entered Nagasaki. Merchants in the Capital of Kyoto spread it to noble people, shrines and temples. It is widely known that these imported Persian rugs are used to decorate the Gion Matsuri festival, one of the famous festivals during summer times in Japan.

How to Use

Entrance: Please choose a little smaller than the size of the entrance, and for safety, we recommend that you lay a non-slip underneath.
Living room: Furniture such as sofas and tables can be placed on the carpet, or a part of the sofa can be put on top of the carpet. Many people also lay a small carpet as an accent in the space in front of the TV.
Dining room: If it is a dining table for 6 people, it is not well-balanced to get out of the carpet when sitting on a chair, so it is recommended to use 300 x 250 cm. Darker touches are also recommended for easy maintenance.
Bedroom: Private space, so please choose your favorite carpet.
It is also nice to decorate the wall as a tapestry like a painting

How to Choose

1. Because our carpets are all hand-woven, every piece is one-of-a-kind. Measure the place you want to place the carpet.

2. Select well-balanced colors or patterns, try to consider the tone of the floor as well as the walls, Also consider the style of surrounding furnitures.
For example, if the carpet has a medallion in the center, it will have an impact if you paired it on a glass table to highlight its beautiful medallion, which is also called the face of a carpet.
On the contrary, one of the best practices is to use carpet without medallion for dining table and others, these type of carpets can be calm and alluringly coordinated.

3. Budget is also an important factor. Since hand-made carpets were made from twisting several thousand or even millions of knots and threads together. The labor cost is surprisingly expensive.
Fine knotting, high quality materials and original dyeing techniques,these are the factors for overall pricing of a carpets.

4. All Persian rugs are one-of-a-kind. Since it is not disposable, you can enjoy it for a long time, where in fact it must be maintained regularly so it can be used for a long time.
Please find the one that strikes your heart.