Q: How should I choose a carpet?

As it is hand-woven, it is all one-of-a-kind. The size of the place you want to use and the size of each sheet are different, so please measure the maximum size you can use.
Select a well-balanced color pattern considering the color of the floor and walls, and the color and style of the surrounding furniture. For example, if there is a medallion in the center, you can make an impact by showing a beautiful medallion, which is also called the face of a carpet, on a glass table. On the other hand, if you want to lay it under a dining table, the type without a medallion will give you a calm and beautiful coordination.
The materials are divided into 100% wool, wool & silk, and 100% silk, but what kind of material is used is a guide when choosing a carpet. 100% silk is not always the most expensive. Each material is also graded and some wool is more expensive than silk.
The number of knots is also an important factor. Since several threads are bundled together to make a thread for carpets, if the thread becomes thin, it takes time for a skilled craftsman to weave it by hand, which naturally increases the wages. You can judge how many knots there are in one square meter. The works of famous workshops are particular about high quality materials and original dyeing, and the price is decided through all the processes.
All Persian rugs are one-of-a-kind. Since it is not disposable, you can enjoy it for a long time, and since it can be maintained, you can use it for your grandchildren.
Please find your favorite one that will strike your heart.

Q: I’d like a Persian rug, but this is my first time, so please tell me a specific guideline for choosing it.

At our company, we classify each category into each category to make it easier for customers to choose based on the fineness of the knot, the age of the knot, the name of the workshop, the result of the work, etc.

  • Super collection
    about 1 million knots / square meter or more
  • Import collection
    about 900-1.2 million knots / square meter
  • Fine collection
    about 50-100,000 knots / square meter, antique & vintage collection
  • Tableu collection (using painting type wall decoration)
  • Nomadic collection

Q: Why are Persian rugs so expensive?

Using natural materials, the warp threads are entwined with the weft threads one by one, and the work is very detailed. As a fast-working craftsman can barely tie 5,000 knots a day, it takes about 200 days to weave the high quality of a square meter entrance mat size. What kind of material is used, fineness of the eyes, etc. are the basis of the price of the carpet.


Q: What kind of carpet is best if you have pets?

I’ve heard that dogs and cats get sick on wooden and marble floors without claws. With Persian rugs, you won’t be able to sit on the cold floor. Even if it gets dirty, a professional craftsman can wash it.


Q: How do I care for Persian rugs?

It’s usually enough to vacuum. Be careful not to let the vacuum cleaner suck up the fringes and fringes on both sides. Depending on how often you use it, we recommend cleaning it once every 5 to 10 years. The dirt that has entered between the piles will be removed and the shine will return to a new look.

Q: I spilled coffee on a Persian rug, what should I do?

Please contact us with first aid as if you hit it with a tightly wrung cloth. The craftsman will make an estimate according to the degree of stains.