About Us

It is the achievement of former president Navard E. Yazdani that is indispensable for introducing us the. For about 41 years from its founding in 1975 to its sudden death, it has laid the foundation for the Persian carpet business and has been active as a pioneer in the industry. Born in Afghanistan, after graduating from American University in Beirut, the time when he came to Japan to enter a graduate school in Japan was the period of high economic growth in Japan, and he started trading jewelry and rugs produced in his own country. We have partnered with and have been importing and selling high quality rugs for exhibitions all over Japan. Now, after the death of the former president, his wife, Aya Yazdani, continues to do business. We will continue to make further efforts to satisfy our customers with the abundant product lineup and services that we can do because we are a reliable direct import wholesaler with more than 40 years of experience. Thank you for your cooperation. President and CEO Aya Yazdani

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